Kit Contents:
8001MALE NUT 3/8X24TPI 3/16OD20
8002MALE NUT 3/8X20TPI 3/16 OD10
8003MALE NUT LONG 10X1.25 3/16OD10
8004MALE NUT SHORT 10X1.25 3/16 OD10
8005MALE NUT LONG 10X1MM 3/16 OD10
8006MALE NUT TTE 10X1MM 3/16 OD10
8007MALE NUT SHORT 10X1MM 3/16 OD20
8008MALE NUT DATSUN 10X1MM 3/16 OD10
8009MALE NUT 12X1MM 3/16 OD10
8015MALE NUT 7/16X24TPI 3/16 OD10
8019MALE NUT 7/16X20TPI 3/16 OD10

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